A script for creating FS2 venue stocking files (.all files)


 Use Zero Prefix Numbering: (Places a zero in front of single digit numbers; 01, 02, 03, etc...)

 Generate Random Images:  

 Image line: (If using random images leave off the .pcx and numbering)
 Place the path to your images here if you have them, otherwise leave this line blank

 Stk line:
 Place the path to your stk files here, eg. venues/myven/stocks/Carp (leave off the .stk and the numbering)

 Shoal Count:

 Named Fish: (For last shoal line when shoal count = 1)



Output Layout Example
Shoal Count Behavior File Named Fish Image
25 venues/myven/stocks/carp01.stk [NONE] venues/myven/images/carp01.pcx
1 venues/myven/stocks/carp01.stk Bubba venues/myven/images/carp01.pcx (2005 - 2012)