Stock Sudy   Beta Version 1.0

Getting Started

To start using Stock Study you may need to set the fishsim2 folder path, if you are using the default path 'C:\Program Files\fishsim2' this is done automaticaly and you will not see this dialog on the first run. Basicaly this looks for the peg1.peg file in the lot folder, if found the path is accepted otherwise the Stock Study program will reject the path setting.

If your fishsim2 path is not 'C:\Program Files\fishsim2' and you do not provide a valid path the program will terminate if you press cancel. You will simply need to get the path information and restart the Stock Study application.

Loading Stock Files

This should be very easy for any simmer, the whole point of Stock Study is to make stk files easily readable by all. After a quick loading of all your venues you will see the screen below.

Select a venue folder from the drop list in the top left corner and click the left green arrow, this is the only tricky part as you will need to know the folder that the venue you are looking for is in.

Select a peg from the the list below the venue folders, this displays the peg files so you may need to click though the list to find the peg name you are looking for (peg name shown on top right).

Select a stk file from the list, this will display the stock file readings, every stk file may not have all the settings, this is perfectly normal, to view the raw stk file double click the list item.

A quick Reference

Final version may differ... (2006)