Server Scanner

Server Scanner is a program that scans the FS2 online server ‘server.txt’ file line by line. This program can help match organizers as well as fun fish servers or be used to scan server sessions for specific catches sometimes called ‘Tasks’.

Basically Server Scanner creates 2 files, a log file and a results file.
The log file contains chat, socket errors, IP numbers, and ID details, rejoin summarys, and more.

The results file contains catch information that can also validate bait, venues, pegs and more.

How to use Server Scanner?

The latest version of fishsim2 server is needed to run properly, designed with the No Bait Server...

Simply locate your server.txt file by either typing in the path or using the browse or 'Load' button to the right of the server.txt path box and press the Scan button.

There are many options that you can modify to get results based on your needs including 3 filters that you can use to look for specified tasks caught durring the session.

Setup v1.01 ( November 5th, 2006 )
Click here to Download ‘Serv_Scan_v101_Setup.exe

Update v1.04 ( July 31st, 2007 )
Click here to Update ‘Serv_Scan_v104_Update.exe

Version 1.04 addresses the Close Sock Function error, this error caused open array ndexes to store angler names improperly, other fixes were addressed such as the 'Only List Anglers Once for Results' option not functioning properly as well as a few other minor changes.

Please Note: All updates require Server Scanner v1.0.1 to be installed first!

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