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Did you Know


*   Did you know… that you can share reference definition lists? Create your own lists such as ‘Bait’, ‘Lures’ or a mixture of them and share with friends. Be careful of hoax files created by jokesters and always proof read your new additions before saving. Got a list like this, want to share it? Send it to me and after proof reading it I will add it for download.


*   Did you know… that by pressing escape you can close many cLog windows? By combining the shortcut keys you can navigate without ever using the mouse. Alt + O + M will open the More Options window even though there’s not a short cut key for it. This works for all menu items, press the Alt key to see the underline letters. These are shortcut letters that can be used with the Alt + letter combination.


*   Did you know… that you can archive your catch logs? By renaming or copying your catchlogs you prevent them from being overwritten, this can be helpful in the future for finding the tactics for that record catch you couldn’t reproduce without the tips contained in the catch log. (© 2004)