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Tips for Using Journal.txt


By selecting ‘Journal’ from the View menu or pressing F9 you can create or open a Journal.txt.



You can add anything you want here but a great tip is to copy catch details from the ‘Catch Details’ feature and edit them so you can understand them later or pass them off to someone else.


Sometimes the reference names and other settings can be a bit confusing; this is because the catch details option gives ‘Raw’ data.


Example of a catch I made:

===== Start Catch Details (Generated by cLog Reader) =====

RealTime: 1110948793

RealDay: 15

RealMonth: 3

RealYear: 2005

RealHour: 23

RealMinute: 53



MainLine: maxic5

LeaderLine: maxic5


RigType: 4


Detector: FSSWING

Style: 2

Hook: FS16


BaitQty: 1

BaitSize: 1

HairRig: 1

RodNum: 1

Depth: 0

Species: KOI

size: 692

x: 554

y: 253

BiteWarn: 1


PegRef: 5

Angler: steviejack

ID1: 519781878

ID2: 1099137798

MID: 7273

ValBait: 0

ValSpc: 0

CheckSum: 98783

SimDay: 12

SimMonth: 4

SimYear: 2005

SimHour: 10

SimMinute: 11

StkValid2: -1480256496

FSVersion: 114

Mode: 0

===== End Catch Details =====


This information is a bit more than I need for a tip so I will now edit it all so it is suitable for me…


===== Start Catch Details (Generated by cLog Reader) =====

Rod: 8ft Spinning Rod

Reel: Shimano TLD30II Boat Fishing Reel

MainLine: Chameleon 5 pound test

LeaderLine: Chameleon 5 pound test

RigType: Fixed Ledger

Style: Ledger

Hook: 16 Barbless

Bait: Sweet Potato

BaitQty: 1

BaitSize: 1

HairRig: Yes

RodNum: Rod 1

Species: Koi Carp

Size: 2-11-4, pounds-ounces-drams

Venue: Oriental pond

Checksum: 98783

SimDay: 12th

SimMonth: April

SimYear: 2005

SimHour: 10:00

SimMinute: 11

Mode: Default

===== End Catch Details =====


This is not a great catch but if it was, this technique could allow me or someone else to possibly have a chance at reproducing the catch.
 (© 2004)