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Install version 1.0.5 first, then install the latest update. All updates will upgrade from the 1.0.5 version so it’s easy to catch up.



  • Capture Screenshots
  • View FS2’s catch log
  • View JR2 File Contents
  • Easy Access Journal File
  • Easy to set log hours Setting
  • Many Catch Filter Settings
  • Run in Invisible Mode



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Programmers can use cLog Readers dump feature to split there own arrays using delimiters for use in there programs, great for small competitions.


RefDef Files

cLog Reader uses a RefDef file to decipher Reference names; you can add reference definitions in manually or use the merge RefDef feature that allows you to merge from another file.


Thanks to the beta testers for their help with this application…


Check the ‘cLog Reader’ about screen to see if you have the latest update…


cLog Reader Released December 31st, 2004

(First time users install this version first)


Download ‘cLogSetupv1.0.5’ Size: 2.33 MB (2,443,264 bytes)

File virus checked before upload but always virus check downloaded files before installing


(Latest Update) cLog Reader Update April 2nd 2005


Download ‘cLogUpdate1.0.10’ Size: 138 KB (141,824 bytes)

File is virus checked before upload but always virus check downloaded files before installing


v1.0.10 Release Notes


Please Note: All updates require cLog Reader v1.0.5 to be installed first!


Download RefDef merge files

To use a refdef merge file, simply download and unzip the file, then locate the file using the Merge RefDef Option in the Reference Definition Manager.



This file contains all 630 species formatted to be merged using the refdef merge feature.

The merge feature will ignore reference names already in use and only add new found reference definitions.

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cLog Reader®


Catchlog file generated and made possible by JC Spooner/Fishing Simulator 2 (© 2004)