Big Catch Help

Understanding Big Catch


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The Basics

Big Catch is simple in terms of fishing, submit the biggest fish and win the match, however there are many aspects of Big Catch.

There are venue matches where any specie in that venue is qualified and also there are specie matches where only specific species are qualified. Big Catch only uses validated venues and species for these matches, but this can keep you downloading new venues often because Big Catch uses all of the venues, and species, each randomly selected.

Venue matches are 4 hours each and specie matches are 2 hours each, venue and specie matches occur in turn repeatedly.


Each angler starts with a 2000 rating, after a Big Catch match the ratings are processed by matching each angler 1 vs 1, rating is taken from one angler and given to another depending on match outcome.

Win probability is calculated by comparing 2 anglers, the angler with a higher rating has a win probability that is calculated by CEA3, this angler is expected to win.


How much an angler wins or loses is based on their rating and match position. In the event of a season point’s tie, the rating is used to break the tie, if there is ever a need for division splits, divisions will also be determined by rating.


Effort Bar

When you submit a qualifying fish to Big Catch you will see an effort bar, this requires 3 or more weight increases to fill, and you can complete this before or after you submit your catches, as long as the weight increases 3 or more times with qualifying catches. A bonus point is given when this bar is completely full. *Bonus points require 3 or more anglers in matches.


An asterisk (*) appears in the results for anglers that didn’t achieve this potential bonus.


Wins and Consecutive Wins

Winning a match gives the most normal points, but this also gives the most potential points…


1. Normal Points, Effort Bar bonus, Win bonus and Consecutive Win bonus

2. Normal points + Effort Bar Bonus

3. Normal points + Effort Bar Bonus

4. Etc…


As you can see winning is not only fun, it is very good for your Big Catch season


If you win an official match you get a bonus point, if you win 3 or more consecutive matches in a row you will receive a ‘Consecutive Win’ bonus, if you lose an official match your winning streak is over.


Only 1 bonus point for consecutive wins can be awarded per match, no matter how many consecutive wins you have.


You will not lose consecutive wins because you missed a match, there can be multiple consecutive winners on the result grid. You are not expected to fish every match.



3 or more anglers are needed in matches for the winner to record ‘Total Wins’, ‘Consecutive Wins’ and to receive bonus points.


Bonus points include Win Bonus, an effort bonus, and 3 or more consecutive wins qualify for a consecutive win bonus, each bonus is 1 point each, up to 3 possible bonus points per match.


Your 4 best matches of the week will be saved and count toward your ‘Season Points’ at the end of the week, there are 6 weeks in a full season, the angler with the most Season Points will win the overall season, ties will be broken by rating.


Season End: 75 XP multiplied by participants, 1425 XP to winner based on 19 anglers, then -75 XP per angler, leaving last place with 75 XP.



Match point ties are considered ties and given the same point values, bonus point values and tied winners are all considered winners of that match.


Season point ties are not considered ties, these ties are broken by rating, and the higher rating will lead the tie.


To be continued…